The new outerwear

A timeless collection of coats and jackets that incorporates style without compromising on functionality, made for you to embrace life in the open.


Our responsibility

We know there is an environmental and social cost to producing clothes, and we are commited to creating outerwear that is more respectful of the world around us and leaves a lighter carbon footprint. Our collections are produced in smaller quantities to counter overconsumption, prevent wastage, and limit environmental impact. 

We advocate for a slow and circular alternative to fast fashion and believe in doing more with less. We are focusing our efforts on materials that are more responsibly sourced to create pieces designed to be as durable as they are timeless. 

Our strong supply-chain partnerships have been built on a foundation of 25 years of cooperation and respect, and are at the heart of delivering on our goals and standards. All our partners are accredited and independently audited by industry-standard bodies to ensure we meet only the highest standards for health and safety, environment, ethical and labour standards. Together we are committed to finding ways to achieve even greater sustainability.